Home no longer provides a means to survive.
A fight for resources to escape our system has begun.
The future lies beyond…

The Game

Element is a realtime strategy space game for people who don't have time to play realtime strategy space games.

Mashable: 5 of the best indie games at PAX Australia
"The studio wanted the game to have a real design edge, and they've certainly achieved it. The game is fun to play, but it was also compelling to watch someone else have a go and see them manipulate and populate the planet."
- Mashable, November 2015

Element is a visually stunning realtime strategy space game with a focus on sharp, accessible gameplay.

Element is for lovers of beautifully crafted, original looking games. It is for people who are into space and strategy games but don’t have hours of time to invest. It’s also for gamers who enjoy launching missiles and blowing things up :)

You are escaping a decaying solar system. You must visit each planet, mine enough element, and defeat the enemy to progress to the outer planets and beyond. Generate energy, mine element, build attack and defence units, and destroy the enemy while maintaining a balance between earth, air and water.

Element Strips Strategy Gaming Back To Its Core
"It manages to retain the basic rush of RTS gaming with none of the tedium... Plus! It looks cool and sounds cool."
- Kotaku, January 2016

Access Granted: Element
"The energetic amalgam of MAD sims and arcade-speed action, served on a bed of gorgeous minimalist design, Element's current early access build bodes swimmingly."
- Wargamer.com, December 2015

Elementary - A first look at indie space strategy game Element
"A game designed for those without the time to play an RTS doesn't have to mean it's also for those without the skill."
- The Spinoff, January 2016

Element is a space RTS for people who don't have time
"Element has you escaping a decaying solar system, planet hopping along the way, mining every one of those bad boys for resources while blowing up fools who are understandably angry about you speed-colonizing their planet."
- Destructoid, January 2016

Streamlined Strategy: Element Hits Steam Early Access
"Rome was built, enjoyed, and decimated in 0.002 of a day. It was great and, even as I was wiped off the face of my earth, it looked lovely."
- Rock Paper Shotgun, December 2015

Reckoner PAX Aus 2015: Show floor roundup
"Aesthetically the game is just beautiful, utilising a sort of modern isometric feel combined with a well designed control system and menu structure."
- Reckoner, November 2015

Element: A Really Cool Realtime Strategy Game
"Impressive visuals, quick games that you don't need hours for and it's really quite accessible."
- Gaming on Linux, December 2015

Element: The realtime strategy game for those who don’t have lots of time for RTS
"I like that Element is the sort of game that you can play through one or two campaign then call it quits for the night but still feel satisfied."
- Gamejunkie NZ, December 2015

Fight And Flight In Element
"Humanity isn't looking to work together peacefully."
- Indie Game Magazine, December 2015

Play Element

Available now on Steam Early Access for Windows / Mac / Linux.
Full release coming very soon for desktop & mobile, and fairly soon for console.

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